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Your personal product recommendation AI.

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Advanced machine learning

Intelligent product recommendations with zero work.

Orb is a machine learning AI designed for online retail, specializing in providing personalized product and related items recommendations, as well as insights in customer segmentation, surge pricing, product categorization and sales forecasting.

Powerful analytics

Revenue revelations on tap.

Dive deep into Orb's first-class analytics to see how AI-driven product recommendations drive sales on your online store. Analysing customer purchasing behavior becomes a snap with the power of machine learning.

Zero-hassle installation

From 0 to AI in 15 seconds.

Add Orb to your existing Shopify store with just a click of a button. Or, add it to any online store or website via a simple copy-and-paste code snippet. Machine learning has never been this easy to implement.

Now available on the Shopify Marketplace.

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